For many black people, finding a job is a challenge in and of itself. Here I imagine how it would feel like to look for a job with white privilege.

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I wake up in the morning and start my job search. I set an objective of applying to at least 5 jobs today. I head to LinkedIn, happy that I can find a number of job adverts in one place. I don’t have to worry if the recruiter checks out my profile and sees my photo— in the majority of cases, I look exactly like the recruiters themselves, so if my qualifications match what the company is looking for, they won’t hesitate twice before calling me in for an interview.

Even if it is not a human being scanning applications, I know that the computer program or the algorithms scanning resumes will not discriminate against me. I'm not afraid of artificial intelligence machine bias — it is used to automatically shortlisting people that look like me. That’s such a relief, I don’t have to worry that one look at my LinkedIn profile would completely disqualify me from even being considered for the job. …

I used my best friend’s white privilege to my advantage, and at the end of the day, it made me realize how both of us lived in entirely different worlds.

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My best friend and I met at work. She had grown up in a white-only environment and hadn’t met many black people in her life. We hit it off immediately because we were similar: young, easy-going, vivacious, energetic, and kind-hearted.

We traveled often together, and I would ignore instances of racism because I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. I did realize that she seemed oblivious to racism. Whenever someone would treat me poorly, she would attribute it to that person being stupid, being a sexist, or an upper-class snob.

It never crossed her mind that racism might be the cause. But in many instances, I knew it was. Trust me, folks, black people know when they are being discriminated against because of their skin color. There is a certain behavior that is so telling — and you can only feel the full intensity of it if you are black. …

Criminal investigators always ask themselves a crucial question when starting on a new case. Who stands to benefit the most from the crime? I ask you this question: who stands to gain the most from sowing division and hatred in America?

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This critical question must be asked. Especially since the American people are pitted against each other – Trump devotees versus Biden supporters. Families are being torn apart, polarized. Mothers and sons are no longer speaking to each other, lifelong friends have become enemies, people find themselves at odds with one another. Who benefits from all of this turmoil?

It appears that China and Russia supported a Trump victory. …

White supremacy has infiltrated many aspects of everyday life around the world for centuries. With the advent of China and India as superpowers, this might change.

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As I work to raise awareness about racism and educate audiences about how to become anti-racist, I have come across strong opposition from three distinct types of individuals: full-blown racists, self-declared white supremacists, and black internalized racists.

One thing that seems to characterize all of them is their vehement opposition and toddler-like tantrums to even consider the idea of racism, white supremacy, or white privilege.

They repeatedly provoke and bully me — their sole aim being to silence my voice — to discourage me from speaking up about white supremacy and racism and how it negatively impacts the lives of millions of black and brown people around the world. …

White privilege is like winning billions of dollars in the lottery. You’ll never be able to spend it all in your lifetime.

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My dear white people, I have a message for you. Your white privilege is an infinite and precious resource. Unlike money, there is no way that you can ever run out of it. You can shower the world with it, and guess what? It won’t decrease, it will remain the same. So use it, go on a mad “giving” spree every single day of your lives and share it abundantly with black and brown people.

Remember that it is a gift that will accompany you from cradle to grave, it’s one of those perks that keeps on giving. No matter what you do, rob a bank, launder money, or even commit second-degree murder, it will stick with you your entire lifetime. …

When someone, whoever they may be, even the president of the United States, intentionally fans the flames of division and hate, he or she must be stopped immediately or else lives will be lost.

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I am watching in amazement as Trump and the GOP are staging a coup right under our noses, on television in America. They feel that they are so above the law, so entitled, they aren’t even respecting the first and elementary rule of coups — plan it in secret and surprise everyone.

No, they are staging their coup in broad daylight. Wasn’t that a smirk I saw on Attorney General William Barr's face when he said: a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration?

My word, not only are they doing it, they actually seem amused. They are basically walking a fine line between instigating a brutal civil war and outright treason, and they are laughing about it. …

There was supposed to be a happy ending to the last 4 years of Trump. What the hell is going on in America? The villain can’t win.

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My kids always tell me that they prefer American movies. When I ask why they say: “Well Mummy, in American movies, the bad guy always loses in the end”.

I’ve pondered this comment quite a bit over the last few days and it has made me realize that like so many people around the world, I have been brainwashed into that American narrative: the good guy always wins in the end. He gets to ride into the sunset — most often with the beautiful girl on his arm.

Imagine billions of people conditioned by Hollywood to always expect — sorry to even demand a happy ending. …

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I find it interesting how many white people become ultra-defensive when you talk about their privilege. Sometimes, before I even have a chance to explain further how this privilege manifests itself in their daily lives, they start shaking their heads in almost manic disapproval.

Many berate, challenge, and/or troll or insult me, coming up with a flurry of examples to show me, a black woman that they don’t have more privilege than I do, that the whole concept is pure fantasy.

Education or socio-economic levels do not seem to play a role in whether a person will readily acknowledge their white privilege or not. It’s a highly emotional subject. From the 6-figure salary Swiss banker to the garage mechanic, many white people don't want to see their privilege and this is a problem. …

Colonialism is another form of white supremacy that seeks to establish white culture as superior to black and brown ones.

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Colonialism seeks to erase the identity of the oppressed by replacing it with white societal beliefs and values. Its objective is to suppress all diversity, it is perenially insidious and destructive.

I am from a small country in Africa called Sierra Leone. People always wonder why a nation in West Africa would be called Sierra Leone — they always think that with a name like that, the country would most certainly be located somewhere in South America or even in Spain, but it isn’t.

If you look at the map of Africa, it’s right there at the very west of the continent, on the Atlantic Ocean, nestled between Guinea and Liberia. It’s tiny — about the size of Switzerland with a population of about 7.5 million souls.

You see, when I lived in Sierra Leone, I was taught that the English had colonized my country from 1808–1961 and that we had peacefully gained our independence on April 27, 1961. …

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I am a black woman and I recently wrote an article about how it would feel like to have white privilege for a day. It was a fantasy type of piece detailing the impossible daydream of a middle-aged black woman longing to not being harassed for a single day in her life.

It was a thought-provoking piece, I even thought that it would make some of my blacks friends smile, but for some reason unbeknownst to me, the piece became quite popular with the white supremacist crowd.

I began to get numerous defensive comments on several social media platforms including this one. As the piece grew viral within the magic realm of the universe, the comments became more and more hateful, more and more heinous. …


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