I saw that story too — I found it mind-boggling. I guess a Ph.D. does not necessarily mean that your thought process is as robust as it should be. I always thought that a Ph.D. meant one always looked at all the facets of a particular issue before issuing an opinion. But clearly, in her case, it doesn't seem to mean that.

I wrote this article partly in response to that article. I think my main issue with that article was the fact that the author did not open up to the possibility that she may not have encountered racism, but that others might have. That is the fundamental flaw I see in it — assuming her experience was representative of a whole minority group. That was what I found was absolutely and stunningly pathetic about the piece. As you can see, it irked me a lot.

Thanks a lot for reading my work Julia — it means a lot to me.

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I write about racism, but there are so many other things I would like to write about instead. Help me dismantle racism so that I can get to that.

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